The NASPS (herein referred to as the Society) is excited to approve the addition of the Student Subunit (herein referred to as the Subunit).  The key components for the addition of the Subunit are the following:
1) the Subunit objectives are those of the Society,
2) the Subunit has supplemental objectives pertaining to education and improving professional skills for students,
3) the Subunit is patterned after the Society in its officers and structure,
4) the Subunit officers will act as interns to the Society's officers,
5) the Subunit President will be a member of the Society's Executive Committee and will have a vote in Society business,
6) the Society will have an appointed Executive Committee member who will attend Subunit meetings/calls,
7) the Subunit will not have a separate bank account at this time, but money generated by the Subunit will be accounted for as Subunit money within the Society bank account,
8) the Subunit term limit is one year, and 
9) the Subunit will maintain the social media accounts and postings for the Society.
NASPS Constitution October 2015_LR.pdf