NASPS membership benefits include:


1)  a triannual newsletter with NASPS updates, news stories about sturgeon and paddlefish, and feature articles spotlightling sturgeon and paddlefish conservation and recovery efforts,

2)  the ability to create of a professional profile on our website and conduct queries to seek specific expertise on a wide range of sturgeon related questions (under Member Area tab on our NASPS website),

3) access to sturgeon related job announcements (under Member Area tab on our NASPS website),

4) announcement of peer-reviewed publications in the NASPS newsletter for members,

5) access as non-voting participants in the WSCS General Assembly meetings and the society as a whole has affiliate voting rights at General Assembly meetings (1 vote per 30 members, 2 votes per 80 members, and 3 votes per 150+ members),

6) the ability to organize joint workshops, seminars, or meetings and produce joint publications with WSCS and WSCS-affiliated societies on topics of mutual interest,

7) a 20% reduction in WSCS membership fees,

8) the ability to purchase WSCS publications in bulk (> 10) at the membership discount, and 

9) reduced membership registration rates for the International Symposium on Sturgeon meetings.