Traffic Report on illegal caviar trade in Bulgaria and Romania

A new report by the international wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC was launched by the WWF in BUDAPEST, Hungary, November 15, 2011. Persistent illegal trade in caviar involving Bulgaria and Romania is undermining the survival of the endangered sturgeons in the Danube River Basin. The report lists a total of 14 seizures of illegal caviar originating from Bulgaria (27.5 kg in five seizures) and Romania (25 kg in nine seizures) reported by EU Member States between 2000 and 2009 while neither Bulgaria nor Romania have reported any illegal caviar seizures.

Katalin Kecse-Nagy of TRAFFIC who authored the report stated "It is of concern that Bulgaria and Romania reported no seizures of caviar, while other EU Member States registered several seizures where those two countries were implicated.".

The World Sturgeon Conservation Society warns that the Danube is the only large river system in Europe where rehabilitation of existing but declining sturgeon stocks is still possible.