Student Events at the NASPS Virtual Meeting

There are many student events at the NASPS virtual meeting. 


The Student Subunit will be hosting a Student-Mentor Q&A Session and Student Social. The Q&A Session will be on Tuesday October 27th at 1:30PM Pacific Time, and at the event you will get the opportunity to hear from professionals in the field and ask them about their experiences. The Student Social will be on Thursday October 28th at 1:30PM Pacific Time, and this will be an informal Zoom call where you can meet other students studying sturgeon across North America (please find links below). There will be opportunities to play games, talk about research, or just hang out!


Student Mentor Q&A Panel
Student Social


Scute Shuffle 5K


We will also be continuing the tradition of our annual Scute Shuffle race this year. We will be hosting a virtual event through the Strava App. Download the app and join the club by clicking this link (NASPS Scute Shuffle) to participate. Full instructions are available by clicking this link.

NASPS Scute Shuffle Full Instructions


Student Research Spotlight


Before the meeting, we are asking for students to send us a short video (2 to 3 minutes) or a single page PDF, where you introduce yourself and highlight the research you are doing. We hope to share these during the Annual Meeting for a Student Research Spotlight to help everyone get to know each other and see what research is being done across North America! This will be a great opportunity for students who were not able to give a full presentation to talk about their research at the conference! Please submit these to so we can all get to know each other a little better and see the amazing work you are doing!


Funniest Field Photo Competition


We are also hosting a student photo competition with the winner getting their very own sturgeon stuffed animal!! The competition is for Funniest Research Photo. We all have some great pictures from our work, so all you have to do is send in one of your best with a short explanation of the picture for a chance to win! We will reveal the winner at the 2020 Annual Meeting.


Even if you don't have a funny picture to submit, don't forget to attend the meeting to look at all the other amazing prizes you could win at the raffle this year!