Support the NASPS Student Subunit's World Fish Migration Day Project

The good news is the NASPS Student Subunit has a fun activity for you to help pass the time! In honor of World Fish Migration Day on October 24th, we have a recorded a song to teach people about sturgeon migration! We are now asking for your help to make a music video to go with our hit song "Like a Sturgeon".
If you want to help out and participate, we are asking all sturgeon and paddlefish researchers to:
1. Print out the attached sturgeon mask to wear during your video 
2. Record yourself lip synching and/or dancing to the attached song we have recorded (sung by our very own Student Subunit Vice President Aviva Fiske). You can record the whole song or just your favorite part. Have fun with it! Record yourself in the field, in the office, or with a small (socially distanced) group.
If using a phone, please make the recording horizontally!
3. Send your video to
We will stitch all the video submissions together to make a music video for the #1 hit song about sturgeon “Like a Sturgeon”. We have also attached the lyrics to help you perfect your video. Help us get the message out about sturgeon migrations!
We ask that you please submit your video by July 31st!