The Student Subunit was established within the North American Sturgeon and Paddlefish Society (NASPS) in 2015. We strive to develop a community within NASPS where students can further their sturgeon/paddlefish education, gain professional skills, and interact with fisheries professionals. 


Governing Board Executive Committee:

President – Brendon Dula, University of Georgia

Vice President – Aviva Fiske, University of California Davis

Secretary – Kassandra Merks, University of Manitoba

Treasurer –Caleb Jetter, University of Northern British Columbia


Members at Large:

Catlin Ames, University of Maine

Cale Babey, University of Northern British Columbia

Michael Moore, University of Missouri


Social Media:







Foundation Committee:

Kyle Bales, John Buszkiewicz, David Deslauriers, Rob DeVries, Luke Holmquist, Ryan

Hupfeld, Seth Love, Erin Markin, Emily Miller, and Zach Snobl.