NASPS Student Subunit members will receive the same benefits as regular members (see ABOUT > Membership Benefits on NASPS Homepage) with additional benefits especially for students. These include:


1)      Opportunities to develop your Curriculum Vitae,

2)      Professional forum to present and view research,

3)      Option to participate in student-mentor and student social events,

4)      Unparalleled networking opportunities,

5)      Eligibility for Student Travel Award,

6)      Reduced membership fee.


Please click the following links for information about the NASPS In-Memoriam Student Research Award and NASPS Student:Mentor Collaboration Award.  Both award applications are due May 15,  2020.


NASPS In-Memoriam Student Research Award 


NASPS Student:Mentor Collaboration Award



Alison Loeppky, a Ph.D. candidate at University of Manitoba, was the first recipient of the NASPS Student Mentor Collaboration Award.  She completed her collaborative work with Dr.’s Brenda Pracheil and Bryan Chakoumakos at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Please click on the following link to read about her project results.


Alison Loeppky NASPS Student Mentor Collaboration Award Results 2019